A giant advent calendar for Samsung


A giant advent calendar will be placed in  London’s West End by Samsung. The calendar will be displayed on an led screen in the district of Oxford Street with Winter Wonderland (Hyde Park).

Marble Arch_NOV2015 470

If you are in London, you can see ir from December 1 until January 1 2016 and it also will display the New Year countdown.


Cadbury crea un calendario de adviento gigante


Desde pequeño siempre me han gustado los calendarios de adviento, más que nada por los chocolates que contenía cada ventanita de cada día del mes. Pero lo que ha hecho Cadbury es… increíble.

Un calendario de adviento formado por 24 camiones. Cada día del calendario está representado por uno de los camiones, que se van abriendo cada día  en diferentes sitios de Reino Unido. Así que los ingleses podrán disfrutar durante 24 días de diferentes sorpresas en todo el país.

UK is testing billboards which read viewer’s emotions and react to them

When I saw minority report film scene where Tom Cruise is walking through a mall center and lots of advertisements react to his eyes I got in love with outdoor advertisement. Now it seems that maybe this kind of modern advertisement will be in near future possible.
Now UK M&C Saatchi, Clear Channel and Posterscope are testing billboards, which have already been displayed in London, which can read viewer’s emotions and react to them.

 Artificial Intelligence Poster, Oxford Street London.

They have a hidden Microsoft Kinect camera which makes photos of people reactions and later display different images depending on their mood (the software can read the mood basic on genetic algorithm of face expressions). Do not miss this video where Mr.David Cox (CIO and M&C Saatchi) explains how it works: