Buy a SEAT Mii on Amazon France and they bring it home!


Incredible street marketing campaign from SEAT and AMAZON in France. France buyers could reserve this month one of the 15 exclusive units of SEAT Mii by making a €500 deposit on Later when AMAZON checked that the users had a valid driving license, they can complete payment . Upon validation is over, the delivery was scheduled at the customer’s home within 72 hours.


Watch the video!



Lara Croft parks her Jeep in a building of Broadway


To promote the new PS4 game of Tomb Rider an outdoor advertisement campaign with a 3D  Jeep Wrangler billboard was placed in  Broadway. The campaing of Jeep would like to show the citizens that “Lara Croft” could park his Jeep everywhere she wants.



Mr. Bean is celebrating his 25th anniversary parking his car in Buckingham Palace

Thousands of tourists visiting Buckingham Palace yesterday were able to see to the real British royalty: Mr Bean.

mr bean

The world wide famous actor arrived in his own style: on a sofa precariously balanced atop his lime-green mini and steering with a mop, recreating one of the best scene of his series.
British actor Rowan Atkinson, dressed as Mr Bean poses for photographers outside Buckingham Palace, London, to promote the 25th anniversary of Mr Bean, London, Friday, Sept. 4, 2015. (Photo by Jonathan Short/Invision/AP)

mr bean

Brilliant promotion, brilliant outdoor advertising action: HAPPY BIRTHDAY MR.BEAN!!